GTA Karachi City

How the idea came into my mind
to make GTA Karachi Game?

The Story starts when I was young and studying in 8th standard. I always wants to make my own game then one day I got a CD of GTA 1 and played it then after sometime i was suffering on internet as usual with dialup. There i find mods of GTA 1. I immediately downloaded it because i like GTA 1 game then after playing I realise from the Read me file. That this game can be edited and modified. I continue to search on internet. Day by day my knowledge increases and i got more and more modding software from sites.
In 2007 I take my first step in modding. I start with blank city (i questions myself can i complete this game ever in my life?) I continue to work hard. I give my days and night to build the city.
After building 1/4 of city i wonder if there were missions in game then i found project Cerbera site. His notes and thoughts and all his work. help me alot to get near to my destination.
but I make lots of mistakes and many bugs were left in the first chapter. So I say to myself I'll make better in next chapter.
I play the incomplete Race Track mod and decided to complete and make missions in that Race track. When I finished the chapter i didn't believe on my eyes how great and Awesome it was made.
But I always wants to make missions on my map. So, I decided to make the 3rd chapter with full of missions. Before making 3rd chapter I work on my map and drag to the end. and then made my 3rd chapter.
My thinking was to end the game at the 3rd chapter but somehow end was not created or not accepted by mind.
                        Taking a long vacation about 6 to 9 months but then a thought touches my mind and I decided to take the game to its destination. This time I want to make something better and bigger. So, I made the Second Season with amazing snow effect taken the idea from snowcity mod. I made options in mission with arrows but didn't get success in the end but make the perfect end for game.

I never played the GTA multiplayer Cannon race. So I once again prepare myself to make a Street race (Track will be the whole map).
In whole game if you ask my favorite chapter then this is it. I liked it so much that i make a Bonus Video on it. Also tell you that the Radio was also very hard to make and finding police sounds on internet.

I also played The Jail mod it was great, but mission was too easy to complete i modifies the map and made the mission in my way. The tank and the choper never used in any mission but still on map (hidden). So, I used the Military Tank and Choper at the end of game and mission. Thanks to project Cerbera with the help of his work. In the end of game the choper itself flies (never possible in game).
                In 2010 once again and get success in creating another chapter named GTA Fast & the Furious infact of having that, that my game was ended but i love and enjoy to make game bigger and bigger.
                                                    GTA Final Showdown is the last chapter of my game and now i'll no more mod this game.
Today date is July 02 - 2011 and that's how my journey came to an end. hope you will enjoy it!
                                                In Credit's I mention all the names of those whose mods and tutorial's make this game step on his destination. Also thanks to all of those people who have made the software of modding for GTA1 and also thanks to GTA Girl to encourage me that if girl can modifies why can't i?



Golden thanks to Project Cerbera for all his notes, tutorials and mods for helping me to make my Dream true.